Sewer Services



Our company offers sewer replacement and cleaning. We take care of sewer problems such as leaks, clogs, and backups. When the sewer backs up this creates a huge mess that is normally unexpected.


When your bathtub has black stuff coming from the drain and makes a gurgling noise there is a good chance that your sewer line is clogged.


Our plumbers can clean your sewer drain making it almost as good as new. We use the latest technology for cleaning sewers such as video camera inspections and hydro jetting. These new ways of cleaning your sewer drains are top notch and cost effective; although, they will not help if your sewer line is damaged due to tree roots or massive calcium deposits. When this occurs the sewer line needs to be replaced.


If and when your sewer needs replacing, our team will go over the different options of choosing either a “no-dig” or “trenchless pipe technology”. These alternatives are usually better than the normal sewer excavation options.


When using a “no dig” option there are many benefits. These include: less damage to the concrete and yard around your house; 90% of the ground is saved; they can be located after they are installed; better sewage flow and effectiveness.


One option is what we refer to as “pipe lining”. This technology is used to fix sewer pipes that are leaking, collapsed, or corroded. This option is quicker than and not nearly as expensive as having to replace the sewer pipe. This process involves hydro jetting and the camera inspection first. Then our specialists mix an epoxy and spread it on a fabric tube. Using air pressure the liner is shot down into the pipe. Then we expand the fabric tube with air until it fits the drain pipe over 2-4 hours. Once this process is complete you have a new pipe incased within your old pipe. This process is less intrusive and saves your yard and concrete. Other benefits include: quick turnaround, less expensive, adds strength to the sewer pipe, the process and materials used are safe for the environment, and there is less risk of tree roots growing into the new pipe.


“Pipe Bursting” is another method that can be used to repair PVC, concrete, iron, or clay pipes. It is much quicker than and not nearly as expensive as having to replace your entire sewer pipe. The procedure is relatively simple; the plumbers start by digging two small holes called “pits”. The pits are dug according to where the broken sewer pipe starts and another where it ends. They then shoot what is called an expander head into the damaged pipe; this destroys the old pipe by breaking it up and pushing it into the soil. There is a new pipe attached to the expander head made out of polyethylene which is then pulled through were the old pipe was replacing it right away. There are benefits to this method which include: fast installation, stronger than pipe lining, ability to increase the flow by introducing a larger pipe, and is fixes grading problems that existed due to old pipes. Sewer Repair


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